Transvestite Training

An ex tumblr refugee - The former and current musings and erotica of an amateur dominatrix who just adores creating gurls from supposedly heterosexual, non-cross-dressing men. As I lure them deeper and deeper into my spiders web their resistance diminishes until what once they never imagined they would do becomes second nature. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite like the power rush when your gurl, after months of training, reaches the point of actually begging for the strap-on for her sexual release. NB: WARNING - This blog contains materials not suitable to minors. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this site. - I do not claim copyright for any of the photos I use. Some have been taken by me and they now widely circulate in the ether, erroneously claimed by others, many are images I find on the internet that I like or reblog. If you claim copyright for any here just let me know and I'll remove it at once

Another entirely ordinary home like yours.......... but organised on FLR principles.

Attitude adjuster inserted and locked in place, recorded and uploaded for posterity.  

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